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Corporate Kit $85.00 Blank Pages $85.00 Printed Minutes
Standard corporate kits are made of high quality two toned textured vinyl that is electronically sealed over rigid board to provide long life and durability. The three-ring mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters allow pages to lie flat and turn easily.
Features Every Standard Corporate Kit Includes:
Personalized Binder: Corporate name foil stamped on the binder spine with a Matching Slipcase, Personalized, Index Tabs: Mylar-coated, easy-to-use tabs, Transfer Ledger: 8-page alphabetized transfer ledger, 20 Personalized Certificates: These elegantly designed numbered security certificates contain your company name and state of incorporation and are printed on the finest security paper available. Minutes and Bylaws: At no extra charge, your personalized binder will include 50 blank pages, or printed minutes and bylaws or an operating agreement. Forms: Also included in your binder are F.I.N. application forms and S election forms.
Registered Agent $125.00
All corporations registered in the state of Florida need to designate a registered agent with a physical address in Florida for purposes of receiving service of process and other communication from the state.
Obtain Federal Tax ID# * $50.00
Also known as Federal employer identification number (FEIN) This is a unique number issued by the IRS, and will identify your company for the rest of its existence. You will need it to open a bank account, and apply for local licenses etc. A sole proprietor can have only one FEIN which can be used for several businesses. If you are a sole proprietor and already have an FEIN, do not select this option.

*Please Note: After you place your order, you will receive an email with form SS4, which you need to complete, sign and return to us by email or fax. The tax ID can only be applied for after you have returned the completed and signed form to us.
Certified Copy $35.00 Plus State Fee
What is a certified copy?
A certified copy is a copy of your official incorporation documents held on file at the department of state. These documents are essentially proof that a business entity does legally exist.

Why would I want this?
A certified copy is sometime required to open a bank account. It is also required in order to qualify to operate your business inside of another state. It is a good idea to keep a true copy of your incorporation documents but if you lose or misplace it file for another copy from the department of state. In general certified copies are used to prove the legal of existence of your business, and provide a solid measure of authenticity when doing business in new places or with new people.
Certificate of Status $35.00 Plus State Fee
What is a certificate of status?
A certificate of status (also known as a good standing certificate) is a certificate that verifies that a business entity is in “good standing”. This means that all documents and fees required by law have been received by the department of state, and that no other government agency has notified the department that the business entity is delinquent on any tax payments.

Why I would want this?
The certificate of status is often required for obtaining operational licenses, license renewal, or even a loan settlement. Other parties may also want a business to present a certificate of status before providing services or engaging in business activities.
File 8832 * $50.00
We recommend that you file form 8832 immediately to advise the Internal Revenue Service of how you want your LLC to be taxed. If this form is not filed within 75 days of incorporation, the IRS makes that choice for you. As an LLC, you can be taxed as a sole proprietor (single member LLC), a partnership (multiple member LLC), or a corporation.

If you do not file form 8832, the IRS will choose a sole proprietor for a single member LLC, and a partnership for a multiple member LLC.

*Please Note: After you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to form 8832.
File 2553 * $50.00
File this form if you wish to be taxed as an S-corporation Corporation must have no more than 100 shareholders All shareholders are US citizens or residents Corporations in most cases will need to have a December 31st year end.

*Please Note: After you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to form 2553.
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